5 families

The 5 Families slot is designed for those who enjoy straight forward gaming. Although the gameplay is repetitive, there are some enjoyable moments. The sound effects are also unique and fun, and there are a lot of witty lines. There is also a nice soundtrack and plenty of bonus features. This game is a fun way to pass some time and to have a good time while playing. The average slot player will enjoy the game, but those who aren’t fond of repetitive games may want to skip this one.

The 5 Families slot is another example of a simple game that uses a mafia theme. There are 9 symbols in the game, including pistols, bullets, paper money, and casino chips. The theme is very intriguing and the graphics and music are excellent. The game is based on the five famous mafia families that controlled New York City. However, this game doesn’t have a free spins feature or scatter symbols.

Unlike other games, 5 Families does not have any Free Spins or Scatter symbols, but it does include a way to enter a VIP room. The VIP room is accessed by triggering five consecutive wins. These wins are multiplied by five, and when five are achieved, you will be taken to the VIP room. It’s a great game for those who enjoy playing slots with crime themes. In terms of gameplay, this video slot is similar to other online slots.

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